Black & Ethnic Minority Members (B&EMM)

Your Regional B&EMM Rep is Lionel McCrea


Mobile: 07979 225092


As an FBU member, and member of the Black and Minority Ethnic Minorities community, you can have every confidence in the Union to represent your interests and needs. Whether you are a

new or an established member of the Fire and Rescue Service, you can benefit from the work B&EMM does or from the services we provide. Read on for further information.

What is the Black and Ethnic Minorities section?
The B&EMM section have elected officials and lay officials throughout the whole structure of the FBU.
As the section evolves within the Union, we strive to keep focused on our mission:
To continue to be a guiding light to the British Fire Service, its under-represented minority members and their union, by being a focal point for advice on dealing with issues of discrimination, harassment and debarment, as they affect Black and Ethnic Minority Members of the British Fire Service.
We aim to provide a truly useful service, which is specific to your needs. From the point when you take up employment in the Fire and Rescue Service to your retirement, we are your point of contact for support, advice and information.
What is the history of B&EMM?

The section was established in 1996 as an advisory committee to the FBU, after B&EMM employees brought to light deep concerns about racism and sexism within the Fire and Rescue Service and in their communities.
B&EMM members of the Union felt that their employers and the FBU were not dealing with racism and the effects of racism. In fact, they believed both had become part of the problem rather than the solution.
Members reported being victims of abuse, and were witnessing abuse against other members.
Often members did not feel confident enough to report incidents of racism. When they raised the issue with Management, their concerns were often trivialised. Instead an effective solution, members reported being made to feel uncomfortable and even marginalised.
After members called for specific representation within the FBU, a National Committee of Representatives was set up to coordinate and participate in the much-needed changes.
What can B&EMM do for me?

As with other FBU sections, B&EMM represents and supports you on an individual level and supports the whole Brigade at a national level.  Our experience is unique; we can identify any practices that may be deemed discriminatory. B&EMM understands that your ethnic origin and religious beliefs are very important to you, and that you should be able to express yourself culturally without feeling intimidated.
We also understand that your career in the Fire and Rescue Service can have its ups and downs. Although this may not have anything to do with your ethnic origin or religion, B&EMM is here to support you through both the good times, and the bad.
If you ever need advice on situations that you feel uncomfortable about, we are just a phone call away. We provide advice in total confidence. If you are disciplined for any reason, B&EMM can provide you with representation. Or perhaps you need assistance in making career decisions; tap into our network and get some advice. 
As your Brigade develops policies and practices around their Race Equality Schemes, we provide consultation on how to better improve workplace practices and community initiatives.
Also, we consult nationally with all levels of Government that have responsibility for the Fire and Rescue Service, to ensure that your concerns are raised at the highest levels of the Service. 
B&EMM is committed to…
  • Offering support and encouraging networking by our members.
  • Assisting the Fire and Rescue Services to ensure their recruitment, retention and progression strategies recognise the diversities of the communities they serve, and that they actively seek to reflect that diversity.
  • Advising and assisting the FBU in educating its members in order to recognise, appreciate and respect cultural differences, thus eradicating the effects of prejudice in the workplace and the community.
  • Taking full advantage of learning opportunities.
  • Offering career guidance.
  • Influencing the creation and maintenance of supportive working environments.

What should I do if I am being harassed, bullied or victimised?

If you ever feel uncomfortable about a situation, speak to someone you trust. If you need advice on what to do, contact your local B&EMM Representative.

They will be able to give you guidance on how to handle situations, and how to resolve conflicts. You can also get support from the Representative through any actions you decide to take.
Please remember that it will always be your decision to take action on an issue or not – unless the law may have been broken; or someone is in danger.
What can I do for B&EMM?

B&EMM is your voice – it is vital that members remember this. Yet, we can only continue to help if our members participate.

Your participation can take many forms:

  • Become a B&EMM Representative for your Brigade (for more information contact the B&EMM National Chair). 
  • Support your local B&EMM Representative through contact and offering assistance.
  • Offer support, mentoring or advice to other members who may be experiencing difficulties or just need support.
  • Mentor or support within your local community. 
  • Get involved in any local B&EMM initiatives.
  • Volunteer to attend local or national anti-racism events on behalf of the FBU.
  • Inform your local B&EMM Representative or National Officials of any developing issues around race within your Brigade.

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