Control Staff National Committee


Control Staff National Committee (CSNC)

As a member of the firefighter control workforce, the FBU can provide you with support, specific to your role and related concerns.
What does the CSNC do?

The CSNC advises the Executive Council on matters affecting the conditions of employment of emergency fire control FBU members, and associated negotiations.

We also advise the Executive Council on organisation and the recruitment of control members into the Union.

The Control Staff National Committee comprises:

•    Regional Control staff member
•    Committee Chair
•    Secretary

The member from each region is elected by regional firefighters and control Union members. The National Chair and Secretary are electedby the relevant members nationally.

In conjunction with the Executive Council, the CSNC also organises an annual general meeting of representatives of control staff members.

In addition, the CSNC advises and supports all aspects where firefighter and control staff is involved, including…

•    Control, including  involvement in Rank to Role appeals
•    Integrated Personal Development System
•    Pensions of our members, including the Local Government Pension Scheme
•    LSI/  Continuous Personal Development
•    Firelink and FiReControl   - the Government’s regionalisation issue

The CSNC is also responsible for Health & Safety and FAW , and influence at the NJC  level.
What does my regional CSNC representative do?

The main role of your Regional Control Staff FBU Representative is to advise your Regional Committee on issues concerning Emergency Fire Control Staff, both locally and nationally. They also represent your Regional Committee on the Control Staff National Committee.
Your Representative also coordinates the activities of the Brigade Control Staff Representatives within the South West Region. This includes, encouraging the development of Brigade Control Representatives, offering guidance and mentoring wherever possible.