P A Y -11th July - NJC agree to pause broadening of the role discussions


DATE: 11thJuly 2019




Dear Brother/Sister,


Pay and conditions: NJC agrees to pause ‘Broadening the role’ discussions


At the most recent NJC meeting in June, the FBU pushed employers to make an offer on pay. Following a number of subsequent meetings, it has become increasingly clear to both sides that the political situation at Westminster has meant that central government will not be addressing any case for funding for the Fire & Rescue Service. This case might have been considered as part of a wider spending review. However due to the uncertainty in the Conservative Party over their new leader and over Brexit, the spending review expected this year now appears unlikely. This formed the background to the most recent discussions with our employers’ negotiators.


In this context, both sides agreed that the situation had exacerbated the issue of a potential ‘hypothetical’ pay proposals form the employers. Therefore, it was agreed that these discussions would be paused. This is set out in the attached NJC circular. The FBU has again explained to the employers that our members expect a pay offer for 2019. We are aware that they are now consulting their side on the issue. Again, this is set out in the attached circular.


Further information will be issued as soon as possible.




Yours fraternally




General Secretary