Fairness at Work


As a member of the FBU, you can rely on us to ensure you are treated with respect at work.

What is Fairness At Work?

It is best described as treating others how you wish to be treated – with respect. A complex theme, fairness at work covers many different issues – from race to religious belief, from gender to sexual orientation. 

Why is the FBU involved in Fairness At Work?

Unfortunately, our members still suffer from harassment, bullying and discrimination not only in the workplace, but also in society in general. The FBU truly believes in equality and we are here to represent and support our members when they need help.

As a trade union, it is absolutely right that fairness at work forms one of our cornerstones in our stand against any form of discrimination or bullying.

What is the FBU’s policy on Fairness At Work?

For many years the FBU has fought against all forms of discrimination, bullying and harassment within the Fire Service, after all it,s FBU members that are being subjected to and affected by this type of unacceptable treatment . All the information on how we deal with these issues are outlined in the document “All Different, All Equal” which contains information on our policy.

All of the FBU representatives agreed on the policy at the Annual Conference – the FBU’s supreme governing body.

So, the FBU is here to help. But what does Fire and Rescue Service Management do about fairness at work?

Management of the Fire and Rescue Service has a responsibility to end discrimination and promote Fairness At Work. However, all employees have a responsibility to challenge inappropriate behaviour if, and when, we see it. 

It is simply unacceptable.

I’m being bullied – what should I do?

Do not suffer in silence. Contact the FBU through your Brigade, Workplace, Fairness At Work, Women, LGBT or BE&MM Representative.

It is also essential to keep a diary of any instances of bullying. 

As a member you can call the FBU’s free and confidential stress and support helpline, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 0800 7834778. 

What should I do if I am accused of bullying or harassment?

Firstly, write to the Regional FBU Secretary to request representation. State your name, address and your Brigade. The Secretary will then contact you to explain the process that will be followed, including timeframes and other important information.

However, please note that the FBU will not give representation to anyone accused of offences of this type without clear evidence that the accused has an “arguable defence”.  

This approach is defined in the FBU’s Fairness at Work policy document “All Different, All Equal”

For more information, contact the South West Region’s Fairness at Work Rep, Paul Lawler - email paul.lawler@fbu.org.uk