Devon & Somerset Cuts Campaign Adverts - They're Squeezing Your Fire Service Dry

The South West FBU are running a series of advertisements in local newspapers as part of the campaign against frontline cuts in Devon & Somerset. The cuts include the loss of over 140 full time Firefighter jobs and would see the downgrading of 6 Fire Engines and a vital aerial appliance (used to make high reach rescues and fight fires from above). The cuts would also see the downgrading of 3 entire Fire Stations. Cuts on this scale are unprecedented and Fire Crews are deeply concerned that they will severely compromise our ability to do our job and protect the public. We understand that times are difficult and money is tight, but we believe these cuts go too far and that the current situation cannot continue without risking the long term safety of the public. Please have your say, your voice is important! Contact the Consultation officer and say NO to cuts in the frontline Fire Service!
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