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Officers National Committee

If your an Officer in the South West and you want to discuss FBU issues, please contact our Regional Officers rep Steve Underhill. You can email him on sends e-mail) or give him a call on 07870 250297

Guy Herrington - FBU Officers rep for the South West


Officers’ National Committee (ONC)

If you work in the ranks of Watch Manager and above, the ONC is responsible for representing your interests. It also provides individual support and represents all senior ranks across the Service.

What does the Officers’ National Committee do?

The ONC advises the Executive Council on matters affecting the conditions of employment of FBU members of the ranks of Watch Manager and above, and the associated negotiations.

It is responsible for advising the Executive Council on the organisation and recruitment of officers into the Union.

The Officers’ National Committee comprises:

•    One member of Station Officer  rank or above from each of the FBU’s 13 regions
•    Committee Chair
•    Secretary

The member from each region is elected by the Officer members in the region.

The National Chair and Secretary is elected by Officer members around the UK, in line with the Union Rule Book.

Subject to the approval of the Executive Council, the Committee can elect members to serve in an advisory capacity to the Executive Council upon the national negotiating bodies concerned with Officers’ conditions of employment.

What does my Regional Officer Representative do?

The main role of Regional Officer Representative is to advise your Regional Committee on Officer-related issues, both locally and nationally. They also represent your Regional Committee on the ONC.

In addition, the ONC coordinates the activities of the Brigade Officer Representatives within the South West to encourage their development, offering guidance and mentoring, wherever possible.

What is my Brigade Officer Representative responsible for?

Elected by Officer FBU members within a specific Brigade, your Brigade Officer attends Brigade Committee Meetings, where they have full voting rights and represent the views of the Officer members. The Representative also advises the Brigade Committee on issues affecting Officer members, and attends Regional Officer meetings and reports back to members.

Also, your Representative organises meetings and activities within the brigade that primarily involve Officer members. For example, a networking event where Brigade, Regional and National Officials are able to discuss specific issues.
Communication is also encouraged by your Representative; members should write and talk to members on a regular basis, not just when an important issue arises.

Your Brigade Secretary can advise on organising meetings including obtaining necessary permissions such as the approval of travelling expenses.

How do we elect a Brigade Officer Representative?

Talk to your Brigade Secretary or Regional Officer Representative about this. Also, you must ensure you are familiar with the objectives and rules of the FBU.


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