Lessons have not been learnt!

New bulletin from South West FBU!

Fighting Cuts - Demanding Fair Pay - Training Reps - Supporting 999 Fire Control - Winning Campaigns - Slamming 'Unprofessional' Bosses

Read the new bulletin highlighting some of the key work we have been doing for Firefighters and 999 Fire Control Staff in the South West. 

We believe its vital that FBU members are kept informed. Read our new bulletin with features on the FBU campaign against 'inappropriate and irresponsible' plans being put forward by managers in Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, which firefighters fear could result in dangerous cuts. See also our victory in Bristol where, through a campaign supported by thousands of the public, we managed to keep a much loved memorial to fallen firefighters from being moved out of the City centre. 

We're also demanding that Gloucestershire bosses pay their firefighters the going rate, after they have kept their pay down for years, and you can see the work that we are doing to make sure all our members are supported by fully trained reps. Get the update on our long running campaign against system failures and shockingly low crewing levels in our 999 Control rooms and read as our senior official Tam McFarlane slams 'unprofessional' bosses!

The Fire Brigades Union - Fighting for the Fire & Rescue Service and EVERYONE who works in it! 

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