Temporary National Officer - Bro Tam McFarlane

Circular to all FBU Members from General Secretary Matt Wrack

Temporary National Officer

FBU Conference 2017 agreed the emergency resolution titled: Structures of our union to address challenges & workload.  This included a decision to put in place a Temporary National Officer while further reviews are undertaken regarding the longer-term structures of our union, including at Head Office.

Following lengthy discussion on these matters, the Executive Council has appointed Brother Tam McFarlane as Temporary National Officer. He takes up this role immediately and a temporary replacement will be sought for his position as Executive Council member for the South West region.

This measure will allow a re-allocation of responsibilities with Head Office and Regional Secretaries will be informed of these in due course. A further report on these issues will be provided to our annual conference in June.

Best wishes.

Yours fraternally

Matt Wrack

General Secretary

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